Nicole and Kevin Campbell have given us a video that we will cherish forever! When we first saw it we were speechless. Since then we cannot contain our urge to reminisce through the flawlessly captured moments in the video regularly. Kevin's professional skills were able to find the most important moments of our wedding and capture them in a creative and unique way that gave the perfect ambience of what our special day entailed. Nicole's work in editing our video was impeccable! No exaggeration there. She fashioned together a creative, imaginative, and down right gorgeous video that fit our exact desires. She took in to consideration each moment that Kevin captured and stitched them together in such a way to flow so smoothly and evoke the emotional response we desired when viewing the video. Obviously we loved how the final product turned out. It embodied the moments we loved and allowed us to share them with our loved ones. Even our family in South Africa were able to enjoy the wedding and reception without even being there, but nevertheless, feeling like they were there in person. So all that being said, THANK YOU so so much Nicole and Kevin for all of your hard work throughout the whole process. Thanks for your quick response times, timely finalized video, and professionalism as well.