Hi! We're Camp Collective (aka Nicole & KEvin).


We’re so glad you made it to our site. We live in Southern California and are in love with being outside and the art of visual storytelling. We are often found surfing, swimming, hiking, and climbing all over the Los Angeles area. 

We love weddings. Getting to be a part of the most important day in your life is an honor for us. As our own wedding has flown by, we have realized more than ever how much work and time you have put it in for your wedding day. All of the details, all of the people, and every moment is so special and it is our desire to capture all of it, in a way that embodies you as a couple.

My family (Kevin) grew up watching my parents' wedding video often (though mostly to laugh at the 90s special effects that were included. I’m told it was cutting edge for the time). In between laughing at all of the Tom Selleck mustaches, mullets, and again, weird special effects, there is a sweetness and sincerity of getting to watch my parents be young and in love. This is where their family started and I am taken back to that time. I see my aunts and uncles and grandparents in their younger selves. Their wedding happened only once, but I can still live the memories through this film.

We hope to make timeless wedding films that your kids, grandkids, family and friends will get to watch and remember for a lifetime (so we promise, no weird special effects). 

We love to travel, so no matter your destination we would love to be there to caputre your wedding. We understand the process is time consuming and expensive so please don’t hesitate to reach out! We would love to talk with you and hear about your day. Most of all we’re excited to make a film that reflects you as a couple and your day! No couple and no wedding is alike, so we promise your film will be unique to you.

We look forward to meeting you! Thanks for reading! 

Nicole and Kevin



The two of us got married only one year ago, this means we've been through what you are going through! Budgeting is the worst! We love weddings, which is why we do what we do. We love our couples and we are here for you!
If our pricing fits perfectly into your budget, please reach out! If our pricing is a bit much or you are hoping for a few more options to fit your needs, we would love to chat about those too! 

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